Third week of working with Trent. The easy days have been ragged but the good ones are good and nothing else matters. If you run well when you're supposed to run well, you've done your job. 

Mileage is relatively low. Starting with something manageable and building. Three weeks up, one week recover. 

The few things I'm monitoring: tight left hip / IT band. Heaviness in the feet some mornings. Had low grade headaches in the mornings for a week but those have cleared. Mad sleeps. Deep sleeps with dreams I remember and wake from late in the morning, usually after 9:00 a.m. And I'm ugly. I look awful. God I hope my image in the mirror isn't a reflection of my internal environment. I look old and worn and I know it's more than the effects from the bare bulb antiseptic interrogation lighting in my apartment. 

But that's the bad. The truth is I feel good. I feel strong. I'll sign up for the First Half in Vancouver in February. I'll sign up for Comox. 1:06:33 is our master's record.