I want to get off dairy and specifically cappuccinos but in a strange way I like how they make me feel, puffy and fat and worn out like I've been working hard at something without having put in the effort. Dairy slides me right to how I'd want to feel at the end, like I've already accomplished something, like I've punished my body for the sake of art. But here on this Friday morning with my mind feeling strong and my body feeling tight I am thinking I might actually give it a try. This cerebral morning with its grey skies, its heavy skies, and I am waking without a headache. The first thing I do is drink my Vega pre-workout. Then I boil water and pour 60g into a chawan, letting it cool to 70 degrees. With my chasen I whisk in a teaspoon of maccha and drink it in three even sips. Then I run. Just easily, through the park, certain it will rain. 45 minutes and some hill sprints. Tuning up for tomorrow's workout. On Monday I'll start with my new coach. Now that I'm 40 I have a couple of Canadian Masters records in my crosshairs.