Start of a three week build. We're holding to one workout per week for the time being, plus some nervous system stimulation on a second day. Joined Trent, Hilary and Marilyn at PISE for yesterday's workout, sets of rhythm 2km followed by 400m reps at 3km effort. Was feeling tired heading into the session but damn I felt good once we started. The loop is likely short of 2km - I'd fight to run these paces on the track for half the distance. 6:02 - 5:57 - 5:50. 400m reps were 67-69, faster for the last one of each set. Keeping tabs on a few minor symptoms. No more headaches. Blurriness in my right eye, though, and I'm fantastically tired some days. Feet and fingers feel thick and sausage-like. Not all the time, but when I haven't slept well or when I've eaten poorly (after dairy or wheat in particular). Still, I'm encouraged that I can finish workouts stronger than they began, and running has been good. Since the half-marathon on October 07 I feel like I've made gains.

Best to everyone racing our National cross-country championships today.