Sun Run

After the race, though I guess I should first mention the race, the Sun Run, a 30:54 fight on a day I'd hoped to run 30:09 if things went perfectly, which they didn't, but so anyway after the race I arrived back in Victoria to some dinner made by two stubborn and loyal and dear friends. I drank two glasses of wine. Then I did three sets of six deadlifts, with all the weight I have. This being the third Canadian master's record I am now within 45 seconds of, without striking.

Book 16: Girl With Curious Hair - David Foster Wallace

"This sumac cyst between his eyes feels fucking alive, man. Pulses painfully with the squeak of his head's blood. The cyst is beginning to show a little bit of white at the acme. Not good. Clear evidence of white blood cells, which implies blood cells, and so a bloodstream. From there it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you've got a body."

and later...

"But storms move like the very wind out here, no fucking around, building and delivering very quickly, often with violence, sometimes hail, damage, tornadoes. Then they move off with the calm even pace of something that knows it's kicked your ass, they move away, still tall, bound for points East, behind you. It's a spectacle."