Ran Sunday's session Wednesday. It was a battle, but I did it and I'm happy to have it in my pride of workouts. 15km of intensity averaging 3:07 pace. There were those two dry weather days, one of them (the workout) with sun, and it's kind of nice to be back to a rainy café day.

And that café today is Shatterbox, hidden upstairs in the art studio.

I've written nearly exclusively about running lately but I want those Canadian records and they will be fore in my mind until after Comox, after the Sun Run, and then hopefully I can let up and think about other things for a spell, Guinness and car bombs and Berlin and maybe I can go somewhere for a bit of dancing. Not that this running stuff isn’t fun, but it’s obsessive and it frays me; I feel less solid around the edges, less defined as a human somehow. Isn't this odd. Isn't it curious. If we're defined by our habits and routines, Jim? Yeah, I know him. He's the runner, right? Works at Frontrunners? I see him now and then at Habit. I should be more defined when I'm running; the edges should become sharper the more I train. It's not true though. Maybe it's because I think of running as frivolity. Maybe it's the psyche of a nation. I'm not qualified to write about this but doesn't it seem like sports are younger men's games? It's what we do before we get real jobs, before we commit to meaningful relationships, before kids. Before we move into the adult phases of our lives. I'm not talking about those who make a living from sport, the benchwarmers making a minimum, a minimum, of $450 000 per year, and the ones at the top of their sports too. I'm talking about me, earning somewhere between $50 and $500 per year, most of that and usually more absorbed by travel expenses and hotels and loss of wages from my other more stable job. So when I'm running as much as I am right now, and the total eclipse of running blots out any other creative pursuit, and I can't forget that competitive running has an expiration date and that date is nigh, I start asking myself why am I doing this? But of course I am passionate about it. I love it. It's one of very few ways I could spend my time that feeds my soul, and that alone dispels the doubts.