Tuesday morning. Books four and five of the year: The Flame Alphabet - Ben Marcus Pastoralia - George Saunders

Couple of sharp men. I didn't enjoy identifying with certain characteristics of Saunders's protagonists, though. I didn't enjoy the depression I felt after some of the stories. The self-evaluation.

So after the final story in Pastoralia I drank the last of my cappuccino and went back out into the rain with my head low, passing Toque 'n' Boots on the way, passing her and not saying 'hi'. I walked home and put on my running clothes and ran around the park for 40 minutes, with a few hill sprints near the end. Muscle tension low after last night's bath. Trying to raise it before tomorrow's workout.

Third week of supplementing with iron. Third week of drinking maccha daily. Second week of wine, daily, sometimes with breakfast, a small glass, no more than 60ml, in the goblet my sister made, with my oatmeal. With my eggs. With any meal. Is this how to live a long life? It is.