Body’s all fucked up. Of the last 23 days I’ve had 5 clear from illness. Food poisoning over Christmas, and now the cold bandied about town has hit me. Watched so many fluffy movies over the past few days while I was incapacitated that I don’t know if my swollen eyes are from this less-than-grippe, or the tears. A week ago I found myself lying on my yoga mat watching Flashdance. Christ. If this is what colds do to men, I want nothing to do with them. So instead of running or doing anything fitness related, I’m drinking cappuccinos at Habit and eating a Mast Brother’s Vanilla and Smoke chocolate bar. Sometimes it’s a Bonnat, when the grittiness of the Mast needs some pacifying. And there outside the window, two beautiful women. This despairing fatigue, my lack of desire, and the hopefulness that it will turn around. Eye of Newt. Ran long yesterday. Sunday’s race, 25:10 for 8km, then the Tuesday long run and after 20 minutes I had my hand on my knees and my head between my legs, hacking, eyes getting moist. I was supposed to run progressively quicker, down to 3:30 pace for the last 45 minutes. Reached Mt. Doug moving at just over 4 pace and spent 30 minutes making it as hilly as I could on the wider trails and by the time I popped out I felt rejuvenated from the trees and the oxygen and the astrology of the run but my pace hadn’t been quick. Barely moving on the uphills. Back onto the bike path with the marked kilometers. Was able to get down to 3:45 for one of them but that was my top speed and I had to back down, so that my last few kilometers were slow and all coil and flight had fled and I wasn’t popping off the ground. Was barely getting off the ground. Passed through the arch of Point Hope shipyard and Fol Epi and then as I approached the blue bridge it went up and I was stuck waiting for a tugboat. Leaning against the railing, spitting over the bridge, listening to Lana Del Rey’s low arc. Cyclists engaging with pedestrians like there's no hurry, and me with my headphones stuffed in my ears, scowling.

Next race will be the First Half in Vancouver in less than 4 weeks. I need to rebound from this one. First I need to get healthy, finally rid myself of this cold, get my energy back. Make sure that the MS doesn’t kick up. Get through these great hibernating sleeps. Those Canadian masters marks are in a land far far away.